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Association of German Speedsurfer e.V. (VDS)

Homepage: www.Speedwindsurfen.de
Contact: vds@speedsurfen.de

History and tasks of the Association of German Speedsurfer VDS e.V.

The aim of the German Speedsurfer is to give surfers and surfers, who have a passion for speed-surfing, a common platform and thereby develop and promote a community.

Over the years, new regattas have been developed and established formats have been established, so that all members have the opportunity to compete in regattas.
In the public, too, the club tries to represent the discipline of speed surfing as best as possible and to inform interested windsurfers and to win for the sport. The main task of the club is to plan and carry out regular regattas. Furthermore, the VDS Speedsurf record attempts are carried out and legitimized.

The cooperation with the German Windsurfing Association (DWSV e.V.) since 2004 has further strengthened the sport.
Since 2008, the Speedworld Cup has been awarded to the German Speedsurfer in cooperation with ISA.
From 2009 on we are a full member of the German Sailing Federation and the German Olympic Sports Federation. Under the patronage of the DSV and the DWSV, the VDS will continue to plan and carry out the national German Speedsurf Championships.

The association was founded on 6 October 1990 by 7 persons, chaired by Walter Kusch and Holger Eichhöfer as the second chairman.
The association is in Hildesheim.

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